Adapt to Hearing with Hearing Aids: The 4 Ps of Transition Success

Getting hearing aids marks a critical milestone in your hearing loss treatment, and it’s important to celebrate your new or regained ability to fully experience all of life’s moments. Continue reading “Adapt to Hearing with Hearing Aids: The 4 Ps of Transition Success” »

Five Senses Make a Vibrant Life

Our five senses let us experience the world. That world can be our home, family, friends, local community, or places across the globe. In each of these places and with all of these people, our experiences with the world are precious. Continue reading “Five Senses Make a Vibrant Life” »

Hearing Loss Quiz

Do you come here often? Take our quiz! Continue reading “Hearing Loss Quiz” »

Who is at Greater Risk of Hearing Loss: Men or Women?

As June is Men’s Health Month, we decided to look at some statistics regarding the likelihood of men developing hearing loss. Continue reading “Who is at Greater Risk of Hearing Loss: Men or Women?” »

The President’s Hearing Aids

Since this week began with Presidents’ Day it seems appropriate we share the story of the first president to have hearing aids fitted while in the White House —President Ronald Reagan. Continue reading “The President’s Hearing Aids” »

Help! My Parents Have Hearing Problems

Children are often the first to realize their aging parents are beginning to show signs of hearing impairment. Continue reading “Help! My Parents Have Hearing Problems” »

Is Your Depression Related to Hearing Loss?

Thanks to our guest blogger, Dr. Carol Meyers, for this informative post on the connection between hearing loss and depression. Continue reading “Is Your Depression Related to Hearing Loss?” »

Sounds of the Holidays You Don’t Want to Miss

Holidays are synonymous with family gatherings — those special times we look forward to each year with great anticipation. We pack, we plan, we prepare. But is hearing loss preventing you from fully participating? Continue reading “Sounds of the Holidays You Don’t Want to Miss” »

Alzheimer’s Disease and Hearing Loss — Linked?

Although often used interchangeably, Alzheimer’s disease is not the same thing as dementia. Recent studies have linked untreated hearing loss to a higher risk of developing generalized dementia. Continue reading “Alzheimer’s Disease and Hearing Loss — Linked?” »

Hearing Aids at the Gym

Gym goers with hearing loss often find themselves with a dilemma: to wear or not to wear their hearing aids while working out?

Continue reading “Hearing Aids at the Gym” »