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10 US Presidents with Hearing Loss

Ronald Reagan was the first president to wear hearing aids in office, but the history of hearing loss among American leaders goes back to the 1700s. Click here to learn more about the ten presidents known to have suffered from hearing loss, both in public and in private.


Feeling Dizzy? Hearing Aids May Improve Your Balance

For the elderly, a mild hearing loss can increase the risk of falling by nearly three times. Fortunately, the use of hearing aids has been repeatedly shown to improve one's sense of balance and reduce the risk of injury as a result of inner ear damage.


Are Hearing Aid Costs Tax-Deductible?

Between the hearing aids themselves and regular follow-ups with an audiologist, the cost of treating hearing loss can be intimidating. Save time and money this tax season by following this guide to receiving a tax-deduction for expenses related to hearing restoration.


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