6 Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

If you want to get someone who wears hearing aids a gift they will appreciate this holiday season, we have some suggestions. Looking for something fun and decorative to give? Or perhaps a functional gift that will make your special someone’s routine a bit easier? Here are six suggestions that range from high-end to very affordable:

  1. Give them an upgrade

Do they have a pair of hearing aids that just aren’t working as well as they used to? Maybe their hearing aids lack the technology now available to connect to Bluetooth®-enabled devices wirelessly. Maybe as they’ve gotten older, dexterity or vision issues have made it harder to change the batteries in their hearing aids every week. If you’re in a position where you can help, offer to treat them to a gift they’ll appreciate for years to come ―upgrade their hearing aids.

One option is rechargeable hearing aids, with a charger that allows wearers to change batteries roughly once a year instead of once a week. The user simply recharges their hearing aids overnight, during which time the charger also dries moisture that accumulates with daily wear.  It’s the perfect gift for anyone who has difficulty changing small hearing aid batteries.

Schedule an appointment with a hearing care professional and find out how best to arrange this gift and the costs involved.

  1. Batteries are always appreciated

If they have non-rechargeable hearing aids then consider the gift of a year’s supply of batteries. Batteries typically last three to 17 days depending on size, so this could be a considerable savings for your special someone.

Note there are four standard hearing aid battery sizes: 10, 312, 13, and 675. Make sure you know exactly which size fits their hearing aids before you buy!

  1. Cleaning and maintenance supplies

Hearing aids must be regularly cleaned and dried in order to function at peak performance.  While most hearing care professionals will include a cleaning kit with the purchase of hearing aids, with usage and time items like replacement domes and filters get used up and cleaning brushes wear out. You can find hearing aid cleaning supplies and sets online or at any location that sells hearing aids. For a festive touch, you can pack the kit into a decorative, reusable box.

Another practical gift is a nice dehumidifier. If they’ve been using a plain container with a drying agent for their hearing aids, consider a fancier electronic model that includes a germicidal UV lamp and dry heater.

  1. Help them show off their individual style

These are especially nice for children (over the age of three to avoid choking risk) and young adults who like to add some decorations to their hearing aids. Make sure that you choose kits made especially for hearing aids that won’t interfere with function, and that the recipient knows not to paste stickers or crystals over microphone ports, vents, or controls. Decorations should also be easy to remove for cleaning and maintenance purposes.

  1. Functional accessories make life more accessible

Hearing aid accessories make smart hearing aids even smarter. Many options are available, including audio streamers that wirelessly transmit Bluetooth® signals from TVs, phones, laptops, and other devices directly into wearer’s hearing aids. Some streamers are compatible with free apps that enable users to control their hearing aids discreetly from their smart phones. Hearing aid remote controls make volume and programs changes a snap, and are designed with discretion and ease of use in mind, and some come with smartphone apps, as well.

  1. Safety and peace of mind

Help that special someone in your life stay safe and independent in their home with accessories designed with home safety for hearing aid wearers in mind. New smart home technologies alert them when a smoke alarm sounds, doorbell chimes, phone rings, or baby cries in another room.

Special alarm clocks are also available so that they never miss another important appointment. Some of these alarms can be placed under pillows where they go off by shaking your loved one awake, or sit bedside and utilize high-intensity flashing lights or extra loud sounds.