Why Wear Hearing Aids at the Gym?

Fitness enthusiasts who also have hearing loss often struggle with one particular question: “Should I wear hearing aids while working out at the gym?”

Of course, the answer should be a solid “yes.” However, many choose to leave their hearing aids behind when working out. While the particular reasons can vary from worrying that your sweat could damage them to embarrassment that other people will see them, the benefits of wearing hearing aids at the gym far outweigh any reasons not to.

Below are some of the most common myths people have about why it’s ok to keep hearing aids out when at the gym – and why those arguments don’t hold up.

Myth #1: My sweat can damage my hearing aids.

Today’s hearing aids are sufficiently water-resistant to stand up to things like moisture, dirt, and earwax, and your sweat is no exception. They might need an extra cleaning after your workout, but the typical level of perspiration from the gym won’t be enough to damage your hearing aids.

Myth #2: I don’t need hearing aids while working out.

The truth is that leaving hearing aids at home while you’re at the gym can be risky. If you have profound hearing loss, your balance is likely affected when not wearing your hearing aids. This can make running on a treadmill or using other equipment dangerous. Also, without your hearing aids, you might not hear important instructions from a trainer or emergency warnings.

Myth #3: My hearing aids could be lost or damaged.

While this is another legitimate concern, today’s hearing aid wearers benefit from a number of accessories that can help protect your hearing aids during vigorous activities. These include headbands, sports clips, and other securing devices that let you work out and hear properly, without worrying that your hearing aids will fall out.

Myth #4: Other people will be looking at me.

There’s no reason to be embarrassed about wearing hearing aids at the gym. Let’s be honest – no one looks their best while at the gym. Everyone’s hair is a mess, they’re stuffed into too-tight gym clothes, they’re sweaty, and they’re making weird faces while lifting weights or panting on the elliptical machine. So, if you think you’re going to stand out for simply wearing hearing aids, think again. Chances are, your fellow exercisers are far too worried about what they look like to even notice!

Still not convinced that you should wear hearing aids at the gym? Then talk to a hearing care professional to learn more about how to keep yourself, and your hearing aids, safe while working out.