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5 Tips to Avoid Ear Infections

Though an ear infection is a fairly common illness, they can lead to temporary or long-term hearing loss if not treated properly. Learn five tips to help you and your family avoid ear infections.


Why Wear Hearing Aids at the Gym?

Fitness enthusiasts with hearing loss often struggle with the question: "Should I wear hearing aids while working out at the gym?" Learn common concerns about wearing hearing aids while exercising - and why they don't hold up.


More Than Snoring: Apnea & Hearing Loss Linked

Sleep apnea, a disorder that causes a disruption in breathing patterns while asleep, is known to exacerbate a number of health concerns. In addition to making you groggy and irritable, routine snoring and an interrupted sleep schedule can have a serious impact on your hearing health.


How Hearing Aids Boost Job Security

Although there are many legal remedies for discrimination due to age or disability, concerns remain that some companies will look down on the use of hearing aids in the workplace. In reality, you may be hurting your career by not getting hearing aids.


10 Famous People with Hearing Loss

One of the most difficult aspects of hearing loss is the sense of alienation that comes with it. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles are universally recognized as heroes for not letting their blindness stop them from producing some of the greatest music of the last century. However, for those who are hard of hearing, role models can be a bit harder to find, despite the fact that a staggering 360 million people suffer from hearing loss around the world, with children making up nearly one-tenth of that number.


6 Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

Looking for something fun and decorative to give to your loved one with hearing loss, or perhaps a functional gift that will make their routine a bit easier? Here are six suggestions that range from high-end to very affordable.