Hearing Lifestyle Inventory Checklist

Knowing about your lifestyle choices can help guide a hearing care professional toward identifying the right pair of hearing aids for your needs.

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With such a wide variety of hearing aid styles and options to choose from, you may find it difficult to select the right device. The following checklist is provided to help you and a hearing care professional work toward a decision. By reviewing these considerations, along with guidance received from your hearing care professional about your particular hearing requirements, you should be able to take the next step in improving your hearing and preventing further damage.

  1. Which of the following best describes your employment status?
    • I go to school
    • I am employed outside of my home
    • I engage in voluntary charitable work
    • I am actively seeking employment
    • I work from home
    • I am retired
  2. How often do you take vacations?
    • I don’t travel
    • 1-3 trips per year
    • 4-6 trips per year
    • As often as possible (6+ trips per year)
  3. Which of the following activities best match your recreational interests?
    • Active outdoor (hiking, bicycling, swimming)
    • Low-activity outdoor (fishing, walking, relaxing on the beach)
    • Indoor, but outside the home (mall shopping, going to movies, dining out)
    • Indoor, at home (reading, watching television, having friends over)
  4. Which of the following best describes your average day?
    • Hectic, and with very little downtime
    • Busy, but not chaotic
    • Depends on the day, but usually comfortable
    • I have plenty of free time and am under little pressure to work
  5. Which best describes your relationship status?
    • I am married/in a long-term, committed relationship
    • I recently began a new relationship
    • I am single and actively seeking a relationship
    • I am single and not interested in a relationship
  6. Which best describes your parental status?
    • I have more than one child still living at home
    • I have one child still living at home
    • I do not have any children living at home and no grandchildren
    • I do not have any children living at home and at least one grandchild
  7. How would you classify your state of health?
    • In excellent health
    • In reasonably good health
    • Experiencing some health issues
    • Suffering serious health issues
  8. How would you describe your overall health?
    • I exercise regularly, eat well, follow my doctors’ advice, and otherwise take excellent care of myself
    • I exercise occasionally, eat somewhat healthy food most of the time, usually listen to my doctors, and otherwise take pretty good care of myself
    • I rarely exercise, eat whatever I want, ignore some of my doctors’ advice, and am otherwise not too concerned about my health
    • I tend not to think about my health
  9. How would you describe your social life overall?
    • I have a large circle of friends and we go out often
    • I have a good number of friends who I go out with occasionally
    • I have some friends but we don’t see each other much
    • I prefer to spend time alone and create activities for myself
  10. How would you describe your relationship with new technology?
    • I regularly use technology in my professional and personal life to communicate with family and friends, read content online, and work on projects
    • I don’t really use technology outside of work, but I’m familiar with how most new devices function
    • I stick to what I know when it comes to technology, but am open to learning about new devices if someone will teach me
    • I don’t need any more technology in my life—my devices are already complicated enough!

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