Preparing to Go to a Shelter When You Have Hearing Loss


March is National Red Cross Month. Did you know the Red Cross has an emergency video made especially for people who are deaf or hard of hearing?

Anxiety-SmallIn emergencies, it’s easy for people to panic and forget others who may not be able to hear alerts like tornado sirens or announcements on the radio about a hurricane. If you have difficulty hearing it is worth your while to know what to do in case of an emergency, so that during the chaos of the actual event you are prepared.

The video is called Red Cross – Preparing To Go To A Shelter – Deaf and Hard of Hearing. It addresses several important considerations, including:

  • What to include in your emergency kit
  • What to expect when you arrive at a shelter location
  • Options for receiving updates while at the shelter
  • Working with FEMA or other insurance company

The video below can also be found directly on YouTube. Please note it is completely captioned and the language of the captions can be changed on the YouTube site as needed: would like to remind you to also make sure you pack whatever you need to maintain your hearing aids in your emergency kit. This includes cleaning supplies, spare parts (tubing, domes), extra batteries or your charger (if hearing aids are rechargeable). Don’t forget to bring any remotes or accessories used to stream audio and spare batteries for them, as well.

(From the official American Red Cross Facebook page): The American Red Cross is where people mobilize to help their neighbors—across the street, across the country, and across the world—in emergencies. Each year, in communities large and small, victims of roughly 70,000 disasters turn to neighbors familiar and new—the more than half a million volunteers and 35,000 employees of the Red Cross. Through over 700 locally supported chapters, more than 15 million people gain the skills they need to prepare for and respond to emergencies in their homes, communities and world.

For more information on what to do in case of emergency when you have hearing loss, you can contact the Red Cross at:

  • 1-800-REDCROSS
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